Tundra releases latest Dota 2 roster after less than a month with the org

Tundra Esports is once again without a Dota 2 roster after the organization parted ways with the ex-TSM roster less than a month after signing them in December 2023.

The org has puzzled the Dota 2 world in the last three months with several unexpected roster moves, including picking up MoonMeander’s ex-TSM in a partnership that didn’t even last a month. Tundra took ex-TSM under its wings as they were headed to ESL One Kuala Lumpur Major. With 12 teams at the tournament, Tundra finished in eighth place, leading the tumultuous esports org to mysteriously release 80 percent of the roster.

While Timado, Bryle, kasane, Immersion, and MoonMeander have packed their bags at Tundra, Whitemon is currently still on the roster. Dota 2 fans are rightfully puzzled, as it’s still unclear what Tundra’s intentions are for its Dota 2 division. Considering the lack of explanations surrounding these moves, rumor mills have been spinning and players have been speculating on Reddit, with some claiming Tundra could have signed ex-TSM to fulfill sponsor obligations before 2024.

The organization’s foot has been half out of the Dota 2 world for some time now, by the looks of it, but it also seems committed to staying in the scene if it can find the right formula. Whitemon remaining in the roster could be a sign at Tundra’s will to build a strong team, especially when there are notable free agents in the market.

Topson, Mind_Control, and Pure are some of the most notable players in the Dota 2 market right now, and Tundra would only need to find a position four support if it were to add these three players to its currently quite short roster. Luckily, they have a position four player, Saksa, who is on the organization’s inactive roster.

Saksa was moved to Tundra’s inactive Dota 2 roster ahead of its TI12 title defense due to health reasons. If Saksa decides to return to competitive Dota 2, Tundra could build a strong roster around its two supports, but it doesn’t look like the org is in a rush.

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