Some CoD players think one of the franchise’s most iconic maps is ‘trash’ in MW3

The Small Map Moshpit playlist in Modern Warfare 3 is popular among Call of Duty players, but one classic map has entered the crosshairs of some.

Old school maps Shipment and Das Haus, along with newcomers Meat and Stash House, can be found in the playlist, but it’s Rust that has drawn the ire of some players in recent days—for a pretty wide variety of reasons.

A discussion took place in a March 8 Reddit thread where players voiced their displeasure with CoD classic Rust, especially when in comparison to the other maps available, with one player calling it “the actual trash map” in the playlist. The main reason for most is that the map is bigger than it seems, and yet the spawn points are still not great and long sightlines create un-fun clashes.

“I was spawned in Rust standing on top of a dude on the other team who was in the prone position yesterday!” one player said. “Literally standing on him!” The same issue occurs on Shipment, but it’s a much smaller map, so issues like that are to be expected.

Another complaint is the top-middle area of the map, where players will often climb up and rain hell down on players as they spawn with reckless abandon.

“It just doesn’t belong with the small maps in the mosh pit but it’s ok for regular multiplayer,” another CoD fan said. “I still hate it myself due to people always camping on the central roofs.”

The gunfights are quick and constant in this playlist, leading many players to flock there when it’s time to rank up guns, Prestige levels, or the battle pass. And with game types like respawn modes such as Domination, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed, and Team Deathmatch, it’s easy for anyone to play.

But with the additions of Meat and Stash House, two original small maps that have been seemingly met with mostly positive responses, it may be time for Rust to move out of the Small Map Moshpit for the time being.

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