Riot targets Maokai, Twisted Fate, other high-rising LoL power picks with nerfs in Patch 14.5

Over the last couple of patches, the League of Legends solo queue meta has slowly brought a handful of surprising champions into the spotlight.

In Patch 14.5, however, Riot Games is planning to keep these picks in check with nerfs that should help settle their rampant growth into a much healthier state. For example, Maokai support and Twisted Fate AD are all getting hit with the nerf hammer after skyrocketing in win rate over the last League update.

First, Riot is hitting the best-performing champion in the game with some nerfs to Maokai support after the Twisted Treant has ripped through the bottom lane with a steadfast 54 percent win rate in Patch 14.4. As the most popular support pick with one of the highest ban rates in the role, the tree has maintained its place with ease as he can face off against a whole gamut of different team compositions.

To cut down his effectiveness, Maokai is getting a slight movement speed reduction, a higher cooldown on his W ability, and will also be affected by the upcoming Solstice Sleigh nerfs. Solstice Sleigh is getting its cooldown increased, having its bonus movement speed reduced by five percent, and having its bonus HP changed from seven percent max HP to 50-230 from level six to 18.

Twisted Fate has also become an AD menace in solo queue ladders after quickly finding his place as an AD carry in the bottom lane over the last patch. To stem the tide, Riot will be nerfing his E boosts so that he’ll be getting less bonus attack speed and lower AD ratios when the ability is active.

The devs, however, are looking at more adjustments to Twisted Fate in future patches, especially since he’s a multi-role and multi-build champion. The developers are pretty happy with the effect he has had on the meta but are still focused on balancing every build so that they all have their own strengths and weaknesses moving forward.

Other champions that are set to be nerfed in Patch 14.5 include Bel’Veth, Brand, Evelynn, Nidalee, Senna, Vayne, and Zac. Patch 14.5 is scheduled to release on Wednesday, March 6.

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