OG calls in South American Dota 2 star to carry the team into DreamLeague Season 22

The winds of change continue to blow at OG as the 2024 season rolls on, with the organization making more changes to its Dota 2 team today.

The squad’s position one player, Yuragi, has moved to an inactive position, while ex-TSM star Timado joined OG as his temporary replacement. OG’s yet to make a permanent decision on who would replace Yuragi, but with the Dota 2 calendar being packed with third-party events this year, the team has been in the market for an urgent stand-in. Timado’s addition was confirmed after he was registered for DreamLeague Season 22.

Fans have been speculating on how Timado could fit in at OG for some time now, even before they announced the South American star as a temporary addition for DreamLeague S22. At the beginning of the 2024 Dota 2 season, OG also recruited SA offlaner Wisper, who has been off to a decent opening few months with the squad. Considering the lack of position-one players in free agency and with OG already having one SA player, Timado shaped as a solid option. Though the move has been announced as a temporary measure, it could easily become permanent if everything goes well considering Timado is teamless.OG’s other options include Watson, who achieved impressive Dota 2 milestones in 2023, and Satanic, a 16-year-old wunderkindTimado looks to be the safer pick for now compared to these two as he has far more experience in the competitive scene.

After a contract expiration with TSM, Timado started the new season with his former squad, Team Undying. This former TSM Dota 2 roster was signed by Tundra in Dec. 2023, before mysteriously disbanded after just one tournament.

At the time of writing, there could still be a one-month-long Dota 2 break after the DreamLeague season wraps up, giving OG enough time to make any final decisions.

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