Nadeshot begs CoD devs to update anti-cheat as MW3 stays ‘plagued with cheaters’

Despite their best efforts, Call of Duty MW3 just can’t seem to fend off cheaters. While players have called out Activision for offering a subpar anti-cheat several times before, 100 Thieves co-owner and former professional CoD player Nadeshot made a heartfelt request about the situation.

In a long X (formerly Twitter) post on Feb. 21, sharing his love for the CoD franchise, Nadeshot said that he loved all the bundles and customizations Activision had to offer this year, but wanted to highlight the glaring problem—the ever-increasing amount of cheaters in MW3 and that Ricochet just isn’t a good enough anti-cheat system.

“Ricochet is absolutely terrible and regardless of data shared with the community, it’s not working. Ranked MW3 is plagued with cheaters and I don’t even want to know what Resurgence looks like,” wrote Nadeshot. 

Interestingly, he doesn’t shy away from praising Activision for the good things in the same post.  “You gave us the same game as last year which I honestly can’t complain about. Gave us movement back, gunplay is solid and once again the in-game content has been great,” he shares, but quickly goes on to highlight the shortcomings. “You guys do so many things right but can’t keep up with all of the missteps you take,” he writes. 

Nadeshot believes focusing on fixing the anti-cheat system should be Activision’s top priority for now and when this is done, investing in higher tick rate servers: “This might not be a huge deal for the casual player community and your marketing efforts but the impact it will have on future titles and player engagement cannot be understated.”

Nadeshot’s tweet comes after Activision shared they had banned 6,000 CoD accounts between Feb. 16 and Feb. 20. This was when rumors of Ricochet being offline surfaced, leading to community-wide concerns. Activision later confirmed only a “single telemetry system” was taken offline during the weekend for security upgrades and Ricochet was otherwise up and running like usual. 

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