IEM Katowice playoff teams vote to play on new CS2 patch ahead of RMR qualifiers

Counter-Strike 2′s biggest post-launch update went live yesterday, and it included several gameplay and networking changes that pro players competing at IEM Katowice have voted to adopt right away before the playoffs.

ESL announced today that the teams competing in the playoffs at IEM Katowice have decided the playoff stage will be played on the latest update after the tournament organizer “gathered feedback” from the competing teams.

This decision was made with respect to the start of the European RMR event next week, which determines which teams will attend the very first CS2 Major in Copenhagen. Several new changes to gameplay are included in this update, so teams want to get as much playtime on the latest patch as they can.

Smokes have changed significantly as they now cast shadows, while “rendering and animation” have been improved. These new shadows, though, appear to make it easier to see character models inside smoke plumes and in certain angles and spots.

Another major change is the reduction of peeker’s advantage, which has traditionally rewarded wide swingers while putting angle holders at a distinct disadvantage. The amount of peeker’s advantage in the steady state is reduced by 16 milliseconds, and the number of situations where a large peeker’s advantage is afforded “due to excessive command queue depth” has been reduced.

These are some pretty significant changes to CS2 gameplay, but considering how important the RMRs are to any competitive team, it makes sense that squads want to get started on the new update if they’re still playing.

In addition to players wanting more experience on the new update, it also might be an instance where players simply prefer the new update. The reduction of peeker’s advantage and the changes to smokes, among other updates, have had a generally positive reception from most players.

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