CoD devs seem to solve most issues crippling MW3 and Warzone for majority of day

It’s likely been a long, harrowing day at the offices of Call of Duty developers everywhere after multiple issues hampered the game on Feb. 23. But it seems like good news is on the horizon.

Many CoD players woke up today to find that their account level, weapon levels, and more had been reset back to level one as part of an ongoing issue with the game, including an error called “Minot Hawthorne” that was preventing some from playing at all.

Shortly after players began hopping online to find out things were looking scary, Activision posted that the teams were aware of the situation and working hard on a fix. Not much has been heard since, but many players are reporting to at least have their progress back, as well as the ability to play the game.

Issues got so bad that the company was forced to take down Ranked Play modes for both MW3 and Warzone today due to the instability. At time of writing, Ranked Play is still down, but the multiplayer functionality of MW3 and Warzone is slowly but surely becoming more stable.

Once the issue is fully fixed, Ranked Play will likely come back for both modes and both players and developers alike should be able to enjoy their weekends in peace, whether it be resting or grinding CoD matches.

For now, players continue to await official word that the pesky bug has been fixed and taken care of, especially those who are looking to rank up or those who still can’t quite play the game properly.

Today, Circana reported that MW3 was the highest-selling game of January 2024, ahead of several new releases, so CoD continues to sell well and remain in the pop culture lexicon despite these issues.

Update on Feb. 23 at 7:20pm CT: A fix for this morning’s issues has now begun to roll out, but Ranked Play and Warzone’s Champions Quest won’t be enabled “until progression restoration is complete.”

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